Engineering Services

The goal of Tidal Power Services’ engineering division is to provide value to our customers by assisting with emergency electrical issues, troubleshooting and analyzing protection relay operations, evaluating existing protection equipment and recommending upgrades, and performing system studies to improve coordination and personnel safety.

With every project and facility we visit, our knowledgeable and experienced engineers work to develop a deep understanding of each facility’s individual needs and operation philosophy in order to provide protection system improvements that provide the best outcome for the facility.

Through professional coordination with on-site staff and goal-oriented project management, TPS delivers high-level technical services in a timely and affordable manner backed by optimal safety outcomes.

Protection Design

  • Circuit Breaker Design & Upgrade Packages
  • Substation Upgrade Package
  • Switchgear Upgrade Package
  • MCC Upgrade Package
  • Protective Relay Design & Upgrade Packages
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Transformer
  • Motor
  • Annunciator Upgrades
  • Meter Upgrades
  • Drafting Services
  • Large Format Scanning/Plotting
  • Convert hard copy drawings to Electronic files
  • Redraw drawings to CAD format
  • AutoCAD Services & Schematic Updates
  • Arc Flash Mitigation Schemes
  • Automatic Transfer Schemes
  • Fast Bus Trip / Zone Interlock Schemes
  • Generator Synchronization Schemes

Event Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Consult to Upgrade Event Capture
  • Event Report Analysis
  • Automated Event Collection System

Power System Studies

  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit
  • Fault Magnitudes
  • Equipment Ratings
  • Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash
  • Review Existing Hazards
  • Provide Mitigation Strategies
  • AC and DC Arc Flash
  • Standards List
  • Motor Starting / Ride-thru Analysis
  • Field Data Collection
  • ETAP and SKM Available
  • Power Quality Investigations

Protection Relay Settings

  • Automatic Transfer Schemes
  • Generation Synchronization
  • Settings Calculations
  • Protection Settings Files
  • Bus Relays
  • Transformer Relays
  • Motor Relays
  • Feeder Relays
  • Line Relays
  • Generator Relays


  • Data Concentration
  • HMI Configuration
  • Automated Event Collection
  • Communication Design
  • Switch Configuration
  • Cable Specification
  • IEC-61850 MMS/GOOSE
  • DNP
  • Modbus
  • SEL
  • DCS Interface to Protection Devices

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