Electrical Testing & Maintenance

Tidal Power Services specializes in low, medium, and high voltage testing, commissioning, startup, and maintenance. As an electrical testing company founded and operated by technical experts with decades of industry experience, TPS delivers quality and assurance to our clients that their facilities are running efficiently.

Through our on-site electrical testing and maintenance services, TPS helps facilities identify factors that may impact operations, and then formulate solutions to optimize facility performance and enhance process reliability.

Maintenance Services


  • 480V breaker maintenance and testing
  • Current transformer testing
  • MV breaker / starter testing
  • Bus testing
  • Functional operation testing and troubleshooting
  • Cable testing (DC, VLF, Tan Delta)
  • 480V MCC inspection, repair, and testing
  • Infrared Survey / Thermography


  • Inspection
  • Power factor testing
  • Bushing testing
  • Turns ratio testing
  • Winding resistance testing
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
  • Alarm and protection verification
  • Replacement of existing transformers
  • Oil sample and dissolved gas analysis collection and reporting


  • Power transformer testing
  • Oil filled circuit breaker maintenance, internal inspection, mech repairs, and testing
  • Gas circuit breaker testing and repairs
  • SF-6 gas testing, filling, and removal
  • Circuit switcher testing
  • Line PT, CT, and CCVT testing
  • Surge Arrester testing
  • Infrared survey

Turnarounds & Outages

  • Outage planning
  • Outage management and execution

Grounding Systems

  • Fall of potential
  • Point mapping with GPS
  • Point impedance testing

Acceptance Testing & Commissioning


  • Full system testing and commissioning of 480V and medium voltage switchgear distribution systems and MCCs


  • Complete testing and inspection of newly received distribution and power transformer units
  • Inspection and commissioning of transformer controls, gauges, and protection components

Protection & Controls Systems

  • Programming and component testing of relay systems and associated comm equipment
  • Turnkey motor, transformer, feeder, line, and generator relay installations
  • Implementation and installation of arc flash mitigation schemes


  • DC proof testing
  • VLF testing
  • VLF/Tan Delta testing
  • Offline partial discharge testing


  • Acceptance testing of all station components from 69kV to 345kV
  • System functional operation testing and compliance testing/documentation
  • SCADA commissioning

TPS Equipment & Reporting

Our experienced field technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment with old fashion training to deliver reliable results quickly and accurately.

Our equipment includes:

  • Manta MTS-5000 and MTS-5100 relay test equipment
  • RTS automated relay test software for static testing of relays and dynamic testing for complex relay schemes and end-to-end testing.
  • Automated CT test sets to reproduce factory tests in the field
  • Automated TTR to reduce time and capture data accurately
  • Automated Power Factor test sets
  • VLF hipots with tan delta, automated via bluetooth to capture data safely
  • All data collected is stored in our test sheet database PowerDB.

Test Result Collection & Storage

TPS uses PowerDB Reporting Software to collect and store information. PowerDB specifically allows for the collection and reporting of data from maintenance and inspection activities performed on equipment used in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power. The software includes interfaces for many common test instruments and allows for automated testing and data acquisition, as well as imports from various file formats. Result and summary reports can be easily generated. Most of our test sets integrate directly or indirectly with PowerDB.

PowerDB Reporting Software provides:

  • Data Trending for Predictive Failure Analysis
  • Electronically Delivered Reports
  • Deficiency Summary Reports
  • Test Instrument Data Acquisition
  • Data Replication through DB Syncing

Benefits include:

  • Consistent report layouts
  • Faster report generation
  • Faster collection of information
  • More accurate collection of information by removing human error
  • Long-term storage and instant access to customers’ data
  • No searching for the results from the last test as we already have the data

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