Transformer Services

In addition to our core electrical testing services, our technical capabilities also include oil services. Our oil processing units trend and display key variables during processing to provide real-time information on oil condition. We have five (5) vacuum dehydration/oil processing rigs with crews performing various Transformer and Oil-Filled Equipment Services.

TPS possesses the specialized equipment and expertise necessary to safely process and handle oil and oil-filled equipment.

Owned and Operated Oil-Filled Field Equipment

  • Four (4) 1800 GPH Hi-Vac systems with moisture and RS sensors on inlet and outlet
  • Two (2) 800 GPH Lo-Vac systems with moisture and RS sensors on inlet and outlet

Oil-Filled Equipment Maintenance Services

  • Transformer Field Services
    • Maintenance testing and evaluation
    • Radiator and valve packing replacement, re-gasketing, and repair
    • Bushing leak repair and gasket replacement
    • Bushing replacement
    • Gauge replacement
    • Complete replacement of all oil seals and gaskets
    • Turn-key transformer removal and relocation
    • Fan replacement
    • Oil processing
    • Leak location and remediation plans
    • Retrofill with natural esters fluids
  • Oil-Filled Circuit Breakers
    • Maintenance testing and internal inspections
    • Oil processing
    • Bushing replacement
    • Leak repair
  • Load Tap Changers
    • Tap changer inspection
    • Tap changer repair and contact replacement
    • Oil remediation
    • Oil replacement

New Equipment Services

  • New Transformers
    • New unit inspection
    • Assembly
    • Hot oil vacuum filling
    • Acceptance testing

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