Generator & High Ampacity Breakers

Tidal Power Services specializes in FUJI BAG Breaker overhaul. With our extensive technical knowledge and an in-house full-service electrical equipment refurb and rebuild shop, we have the personnel and resources necessary to provide for all your circuit breaker needs.

With TPS’ circuit breakers services, save time and money in the long-run by avoiding downtime and costly repairs. Extend the life of your circuit breakers with regular inspection and maintenance.

Our Circuit Breaker Services Include:

  • Shop Calibration of Relays & Breakers
  • FUJI BAG Breaker Repair
  • FUJI BAG Breaker Refurbishment

…and more!

With a full-service in-house refurb and rebuild shop, our experienced technicians can handle any FUJI BAG breaker overhaul.

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