Field Services

TPS’ field engineers and technicians combine state-of-the-art equipment with specialized training and safety protocols to deliver quick, reliable, and accurate analysis and reports of electrical systems.

Any time our technicians enter the field, they arrive on-site ready to deliver high-standard outcomes for our clients, finishing the job efficiently and without incident.

TPS’ Field Services generally include (but are not limited to):

  • Protective relay testing, calibration, and verification
  • Circuit Breaker testing, repair, and rebuild
  • Switchgear testing
  • Emergency response
  • Transformer testing and repair
  • Complete oil services
  • SF6 processing (includes purification)
  • Protective relay upgrades
  • Cable testing: DC, VLF and VLF tan delta; VLF partial discharge
  • Generator testing
  • Infrared surveys
  • Substation testing and commissioning
  • Equipment upgrades and retrofits
  • Compliance testing of systems
Electrical Testing

TPS performs electrical maintenance and acceptance testing and commissioning of low, medium, and high-voltage electrical systems from 480V to 765kV.

Generator & High Ampacity Breakers

TPS specializes in FUJI BAG Breaker overhaul. With a full-service refurb and rebuild shop, we help ensure our clients’ FUJI BAG Breakers are operating properly.

Transformer Services

TPS has the equipment and expertise to safely manage oil filtration and processing, oil quality sampling and analysis, complete transformer and breaker dress-out, and more.